Cable car in Turkey’s west to connect Devil’s Table to Ayvalık

Cable car in Turkey’s west to connect Devil’s Table to Ayvalık

Cable car in Turkey’s west to connect Devil’s Table to Ayvalık

Authorities will construct a cable car to boost tourism at the Devil’s Table (“Şeytan Sofrası” in Turkish), a legendary hilltop located just 8 kilometers from Ayvalık in the northwestern province of Balıkesir.

“The purpose of the project is to get people who come to this region intensively during the tourism period see the whole region from the area referred to as ‘Devil’s Table,’ which is Ayvalık’s highest hill,” the newly elected Balıkesir Metropolitan Mayor Yücel Yılmaz told İhlas News Agency on April 14.

The site overlooking the Aegean Sea treats nature lovers with an exceptional view of the gulf, nearby islands and the surrounding forests, as well as one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

“We aim that people spend a quality time when they come to Ayvalık. This project was anyway planned by Edip Uğur, who had become the metropolitan mayor in 2014. The feasibility report of the project was prepared with a build-operate-transfer financial model in mind. And now we have given the start signal to include the necessary firms in the project, form the tender qualifications and realize the project,” said Yücel.

There will be two different cable car lines that will take off in Ayvalık, but converging at one point at the Devil’s Table. “This project needs to meet the demand of [tourist] density and circulation. We are talking about an area in which 50,000 people want to visit [a day],” said Yücel, adding that the planned cable project will offer an alternative path to those wishing to visit the tourist hotspot by buses and cars.

Situated on a hilltop that was created by a lava pond left behind by a dormant volcano, Devil’s Table has a round table or iron-caged shape that resembles a giant footprint.

According to local myths, the shape is a result of the Devil’s footprint which he left when he was “jumping” over to the Greek island of Lesbos. It has a wonderful view of the coves and islands below.

Ayvalık is known as the point of departure of the ferries to the nearby Lesbos. The bay has 27 islands and is surrounded by mountains. The majestic silhouette of Lesbos island to the west configures a scenario that will delight any visitor, especially a photography enthusiast.