Burial chamber discovered in Kütahya

Burial chamber discovered in Kütahya

KÜTAHYA – Anadolu Agency
Burial chamber discovered in Kütahya A Roman-era burial chamber has been unearthed during excavations in the western province of Kürahya’s Domaniç district.

Kütahya Museum Director Metin Türktüzün said archaeologists began excavations when they were informed about a historical structure in the Hisar neighborhood. 

He said the first examinations showed that the structure was burial chamber dating back to the Roman era 2,000 years ago. 

Türktüzün added that the excavation field was a registered cultural heritage, and continued: 

“We are cleaning the chamber, which is full of earth, rubble and etc. Works continue to open the outer gate of the chamber. We have found skeletons there; it might be a family grave from the Roman era.” 

When the work is finished, the field would be reorganized as an archaeology park, Türktüzün said.