Man on ‘peace journey’ reaches Turkey’s south

Man on ‘peace journey’ reaches Turkey’s south

Man on ‘peace journey’ reaches Turkey’s south

An Iraqi man who started in what he calls a “peace journey” from the United Kingdom to Mecca has reached the southern province of Mersin’s Silifke district on foot.

Departing from the U.K. with a three-wheel trolley last summer, Adam Muhammed passed through many European countries on foot before reaching Silifke on March 1.

“My last stop will be Mecca, and I want to perform hajj,” Muhammed said, stressing that it is his “dream.”

Muhammed also has a companion, Charlie, a dog who tagged along after him in Serbia. But he said that before entering Saudi Arabia, he has to find a way to send the dog to his family residing in the U.K.

Locals in Silifke, who found his cause divine, welcomed Muhammed wholeheartedly. “He promised us that he will pray for us too while circumambulating the Ka’aba,” a local said.

Muhammed’s next stop in Turkey will be Mersin’s neighboring province of Adana.