Boxer calls on women to ‘tell her success story’ to opposers

Boxer calls on women to ‘tell her success story’ to opposers

Boxer calls on women to ‘tell her success story’ to opposers

A 39-year-old Turkish female boxer, who has advanced to the finals in the 81kg category in the World Women Boxing Championship on May 20, has called on women to do whatever they want and tell “her success story if someone opposes them.”

“I became world no. 3 when I was 34, and no. 2 at the age of 36. Now I’m 39 and I am at the final,” Şennur Demir said proudly in a press conference on late May 18.

Turkey hosts World Women Boxing Championship, an organization by International Boxing Association (IBA), in Istanbul since May 9, and four Turkish boxers will break a sweat at the finals on the last day of the tournament on May 20.

One of them is Demir, who beat Lidia Maria Fidura, her Polish opponent, at the semifinal on May 18.

After the match, Demir made a call to all women who find themselves “overaged.”

Reminding her age, Demir highlighted that the result of the final match is not important, adding: “The most important thing is that I wanted it, no matter what my age is. If someone opposes you or tries to prevent you to do something, tell them my success story.”

Looking at the cameras, the boxer noted, “That’s why let’s support all women.”

Demir also asked boxing fans to come to support her at her final match against Moroccon opponent Khaija Mardi.

In the 50kg category, Buse Naz Çakıroğlu will face Colombian Ingrit Lorena Valencia Victoria, in the 54kg category, Hatice Akbaş will fight against Romanian Lacramioara Perijoc, and in the 66kg category, Busenaz Sürmeneli will meet Canadian Charlie Cavanagh in the finals on May 20.

“This is something we have never witnessed before,” said Nazım Yiğit, the coach of the Turkish national boxing team.

Thanking the federation for their support, Yiğit also made a call to fans to fill the sports hall at the finals.