Bodrum excavations reveal rich history

Bodrum excavations reveal rich history

MUĞLA – Doğan News Agency
Bodrum excavations reveal rich history

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Excavations carried out over the last six months in the western province of Muğla’s Bodrum district unearthed rock tombs from various eras, a historic figurine on a rock and artifacts from the early Bronze Age.

Fifteen Pithos tombs from the early Bronze Age were unearthed in the Gümüşlük neighborhood of the Çukurbük area. Gifts for the dead and tear bottles found in the tombs were put under protection.

A Pithos tomb was a large storage container used to preserve liquid products and dry agricultural products in ancient ages. However, they were mostly used as graves in the region.

A rock tomb was also found on Şalvarağa Hill, while environmental work around the tomb revealed another rock tomb. Traces show that the area could have been a necropolis area, or a large ancient cemetery with tomb monuments.

Ten more tombs from the Hellenistic era were revealed on the land next to the District Police Department. It was reported that the skeletons in the area were being examined by archaeologists.

A male figurine was found on a rock in the Yalıkavak neighborhood. It was reported that there was dense debris around the figurine.

The figurine, which was found during the salvage excavations, is thought to be the god of fertility. The 2,600-year-old figurine depicts a man holding a glass.

The examinations around the rock revealed that ancient women who failed to become pregnant went there and made vows.