Bobby McFerrin sings Turkish songs on

Bobby McFerrin sings Turkish songs on

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency
Bobby McFerrin sings Turkish songs on

Bobby McFerrin’s Ankara concert becomes a mixture of musical culture. Mc- Ferrin sings Turkish folk songs.

Internationally-acclaimed American jazz vocalist Bobby McFerrin on Tuesday appeared in a performance in the Turkish capital of Ankara. The concert at Congresium Ankara featured the 21-time Grammy Award winner vocalist’s signature blend of vocal sound effects and instrumental imitation of traditional Turkish instruments “the ney,” an end-blown flute, and “the kanun,” a traditional Turkish string instrument.

McFerrin also held a jam session with the audience and with Turkish acapella choir, Orfeon.
Among all the Turkish instruments McFerrin amazed by the voice of ney. As he made the voice of ney by himself he made a duet with the ney artist Bilgin Canaz.

Later on, McFerrin shared the same stage with kanun artist Tahir Aydoğdu. McFerrin also made a duet with Aydoğdu. McFerrin said, it was hard for him.

In his first part of Europe, McFerrin visited Turkey. He gave two concerts in Ankara and Istanbul.

In his Ankara concert, McFerrin also played the famous traditional music of the area titled “Ankara Havası,” young people also gathered at the stage to make the traditional dance of Turkey “halay.”

Later, McFerrin sang “Don’t Worry Be Happy” with the audience.

At the last part of the concert, McFerrin sang Black sea tradition music with Orfeon Chamber Orchestra. While McFerrin sang folk songs such a “Ben Giderim Batuma” and “Karadeniz Türküsü” (Blacksea Folk Song), he also sang folk songs from Southeast region of Turkey. McFerrin also sang other folk songs of Turkish culture.

McFerrin also conduct the choir during his concert as he did improvisational show on the stage.
McFerrin is set to appear in an Istanbul concert last night.