BluTV turns one with first TV series

BluTV turns one with first TV series

BluTV turns one with first TV series Turkey’s first digital TV platform, BluTV, celebrated its first anniversary on Jan. 23 at an event held at the Trump Towers Cinemaximum Movie Theaters, during which Turkey’s first online TV series, “Masum” (Innocent), was also launched. 

The event was attended by Doğan Holding Honorary Chairman Aydın Doğan, Doğan TV managers, “Masum” actors as well as press members and many guests. 

Speaking at the ceremony, the founder and CEO of BluTV Aydın Doğan Yalçındağ said millions of people watched TV series every night on the website of Kanal D and that they established BluTV in order to meet the demands of these people. 

Stating that they spent last year trying to understand the demands of subscribers, Yalçındağ said: “We had knowledge, experience and opportunity to realize it in the best possible way. We are happy that we have added a value to the future of the group with the synergy of Kanal D, D-Smart and D Production.”

Following the speech, an episode of “Masum” was screened. Berkun Oya is the project designer and scriptwriter of the series, which stars actors Haluk Bilginer, Okan Yalabık and Nur Sürer. 

“Masum” will be aired for BluTV subscribers on Jan. 27. It can be watched on the Internet, cell phone, tablet and television for 9.90 Turkish Liras a month.
BluTV has hundreds of films, TV series and other programs. The eight-episode “Masum” is the first original content of BluTV. Each episode is 60 minutes. 

Yalçındağ said the second TV series, a documentary and other new productions, would be coming soon.