‘Blue cruise’ yachts to meet demand for holidays in isolation

‘Blue cruise’ yachts to meet demand for holidays in isolation

‘Blue cruise’ yachts to meet demand for holidays in isolation

As COVID-19 lockdowns around the world are easing, tourism professionals working on new alternatives are drawing the attention of tourists who want to holiday in isolation.

Aegean and Mediterranean tours by yacht, known as the Blue Cruise, are in demand by potential customers preparing for the upcoming tourism season in Turkey.

The blue cruise explores a region that includes the country’s southern Aegean and western Mediterranean shores, but also offers an isolated holiday opportunity from the crowd on the beaches and city centers.

Orhan Dinç from the Chamber of Shipping said that they are well prepared for the tourism season, but the COVID-19 outbreak is effective worldwide.

Noting that they are carrying out a series of works for the new phase and evaluating the current state of the industry in communication with their members, Dinç stated that they are ready for the season.

Dinç added that the slogan “life fits in the yacht” has emerged, referring to the advice of the government to stay indoors.

“We think the most isolated holiday is a blue cruise with yacht. We advise holidaymakers to spend the safest and most isolated holiday on yachts,” Dinç said.

“In consultations with the Transport Ministry, we explained the measures required by the state to our sector. Now it’s time to meet people on the yacht and the sea,” he added.

Turkey’s blue cruise lists include some of the most pristine bays in the world.

Situated on Turkey’s southwestern coast, close to the Kapıdağ peninsula of the Dalaman district, Gökgemile which is an untouched bay covered with lush trees, draws attention for the blue cruise yachts.