Beykoz Kundura: New artistic destination for summer

Beykoz Kundura: New artistic destination for summer

Beykoz Kundura: New artistic destination for summer

Beykoz Kundura’s summer program invites audiences to an alternative cultural experience in its historical environment with a range of events including outdoor film screenings, concerts, DJ performances and many more.

Since 2016, Beykoz Kundura has become one of the most popular venues of the Istanbul Jazz Festival.

In the festival’s 26th edition, the venue will host concerts by RYMDEN (Bugge Wesseltoft, Dan Berglund, Magnus Öström), Nubiyan Twist, Turgut Alp Bekoğlu Love Jazz Quartet and Barış Demirel – Barıştık Mı on July 6.

Directed by filmmaker Ömer Faruk Sorak, Famelog Academy aims to offer an education program designed for young talents studying in the fields of media, entertainment and arts within the environment of Beykoz Kundura.

The June and July programs of the Famelog Academy cover a variety of topics including acting, directing, script writing and many more.

Highlights from the program include art director workshop, on-camera acting workshop by a director, introduction to on screen fighting techniques, short film shooting workshops with a mobile phone and musical acting workshop.

Last screenings of the season

The magical experience of watching all-time classics by the Bosphorus returns this summer to Beykoz Kundura between July 11 and 14 for its third edition. A special selection of films with jazz soundtracks will be screened in the venue with special treats. Screenings will be followed by DJ sets and will rock the audience to make sure that it will be an unforgettable experience.

Centered on dystopias, the June Film Program will feature the last screenings of the season in the historical atmosphere of Kundura Cinema.

Produced by the director Terry Gilliam in 1985, “Brazil” tells the story of a statistician civil servant named Sam Lowry, played by Robert de Niro, who is exhausted by the bureaucracy and technology surrounding him. He finds peace in his dreams that isolates him from everything. He keeps dreaming about saving the same woman. And the real world where Sam lives is ruled by a computer controlling everything.

Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner: The Final Cut” filmed in 1982 and “Blade Runner 2049” produced 35 years after the first one is in the July program. The fight between the robots and humans in the streets of Los Angeles in a dystopian time meets with the mesmerizing act of Harrison Ford.

It will be the last chance to watch the 1965 black and white production “Alphaville” by the talented director of the French New Wave director Jean Luc Godard. The film tells the story of private detective Lemmy Caution’s adventure in Ford galaxy’s capital Alphaville. Considered as one of the best examples of dystopian genre, Alphaville won the Golden Bear prize in 15th Berlin International Film Festival.

“Operation Jane Walk,” produced in 2018 by the acclaimed directors Leonhard Müllner and Robin Klenger, centers on a computer game set in a post-apocalyptic New York. The buildings are partly in ruins, abandoned cars litter the streets and the rule of law has collapsed. Rather than taking on the role of a vigilante, the players become peaceful digital tourists on an architectural tour of the city. Accompanied by a clever soundtrack, the result combines absurdism and black humor in an alternative writing of history in this 17-minute short film.

Charles Vidor’s “Gilda” will be on screen on June 28. The last special screening of Kundura Cinema will be accompanied by complimentary drinks. It will be the last chance to see the film and Rita Hayworth’s memorable performance as a woman trapped in a love triangle.

Special workshop for kids in June

Kundura Cinema’s beloved “Animated Images” workshop invites kids aged between 7 and 10 to an entertaining and educating workshop by museum educator and writer Hüsne Rhea Çiğdem in June.

From the creation of the cinema with Lumiere Brothers to the first ever screened cartoon “Fantasmagorie,” the workshop will focus on cinema history. The workshop will be held on June 30.