BDP seeks release of documents on Kurds

BDP seeks release of documents on Kurds

The Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) has submitted a proposal to open a parliamentary inquiry into secret documents from the first years of the Turkish Republic that focus on Kurdish people.

A group of BDP deputies, including Batman deputy Ayla Akat Ata, who made headlines when she and independent deputy Ahmet Türk visited on Jan. 3 the imprisoned leader of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), Abdullah Öcalan, submitted their proposal to the Parliamentary Speaker’s Office yesterday.

‘Founding element’

Kurds were one of the founding elements of the new republic, the deputies said in their proposal.

“Bringing to light the meetings at which Kurds were accepted as a people with their own identities and cultures and the documents regarding these meetings, as well as their reinvigoration again through a political agreement, will make a contribution to a resolution of the Kurdish issue,” they said.