Baby squirrels adopted by forest staff

Baby squirrels adopted by forest staff

Baby squirrels adopted by forest staff

Six baby squirrels found in the trunk of a tree that was cut down because it was dying in the Black Sea province of Kastamonu were adopted by the local Nature Protection staff.

A farmer living in Kastamonu’s Hanönü district found the baby squirrels sleeping in the trunk all lined up next to each other when he was cutting the dried cherry tree in his garden.

He waited for the mother of the cubs to come and take them, but she never turned up. The farmer then informed the Kastamonu Branch Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks (DKMP).

The teams going to the region also waited for the mother squirrel to come out for a while, but the cubs were taken under care under the supervision of a veterinarian, considering that they could not continue living like this.

The baby squirrels, fed with milk poured into bottles for babies, will be taken care of by the staff for at least three weeks.

When they grow older, they will be sent to the Sarıkum Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in the neighboring province of Sinop.