Azerbaijani filmmaker to be opposition’s main candidate

Azerbaijani filmmaker to be opposition’s main candidate

Opposition parties in Azerbaijan agreed to support a single candidate for the upcoming elections at a session they held today. The National Council of Democratic Forces, which brings together a group of opposition parties, including Mustavat and the Classical Popular Front Party, voted and approved the candidacy of the famous Azerbaijani filmmaker Rustam Ibrahimbeyov.

Addressing the session, Musavat Party chairman Isa Gambar said the main candidate for Musavat was Rustam Ibrahimbeyov. “We have repeatedly noted that we support Rustam Ibrahimbeyov’s single candidacy.”

Gambar called on Musavat Party activists to vote for Ibrahimbeyov. However, he underlined the negative sides of Ibrahimbeyov’s candidacy as well.

“There are positive and negative sides of his candidacy. One of them is the fact that Rustam Ibrahimbeyov is not in Azerbaijan now,” Gambar said. “The process without the participation of the single candidate could turn into a tragicomedy.”

“I hope that Rustam Ibrahimbeyov will return to Azerbaijan late in July and … will come back after the registration of his candidacy,” Gambar said.

A presidential election will be held in the country on Oct. 16.