Autopsy suggests Houston drowned

Autopsy suggests Houston drowned

Autopsy suggests Houston drowned

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An autopsy performed Feb. 12 on Whitney Houston revealed that the singer’s lungs contained water, suggesting the decorated artist drowned in the Beverly Hilton Hotel bathtub where she was found by her hairstylist and bodyguard.

The exact cause of death will not be revealed for another four to six weeks but, according to rumors, Houston lost consciousness due to a mixture of prescription drugs and alcohol.

Houston’s 18-year-old daughter, who was not allowed to see the body of her deceased mother, broke down in screams in the lobby of the hotel and was later admitted to a hospital to receive treatment for a nervous breakdown.

Bobby Brown, who many hold responsible for Houston’s downward spiral, canceled his concert tour in Nashville and returned to Los Angeles.

Fans of the late performer left photographs and candles at the entrance to the hotel, while street musicians held impromptu Houston concerts on Hollywood Boulevard.