Authorities ramp up efforts to improve child care services

Authorities ramp up efforts to improve child care services

Authorities ramp up efforts to improve child care services

Turkish authorities are planning to introduce a system of professional care for children with special needs, as efforts to protect and make a family-centered approach visible in foster families continue.

Professional individuals and families who have received “parenting and foster family training” can undertake the responsibility of taking care of children who need urgent protection in line with a project called Emergency Foster Family System (AKAS).

The first information about the system was given in an information note distributed to all lawmakers by the Family and Social Services Ministry.

According to the ministry’s note, the number of children in foster care has reached 8,284, while a total of 18,269 children have been brought into a warm family environment since 2002 within the scope of adoption services.

Currently, a total of 13,299 children are staying in private shelters. In 2021, 18 children entered the first 15 percentile in the national university exam, 241 of them were placed at a university. Among the children under protection, there are 14 national and 2,394 licensed sports athletes.

In 2021, 1,521 young people trained under state protection were also placed in public institutions and organizations.

Other objectives of the ministry for this year include conducting a child profile research, establishing daytime child service centers, carrying out the Children’s Rights Support Project and strengthening decision support mechanisms.

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