Australian actor Russell Crowe in Turkey for his new feature film

Australian actor Russell Crowe in Turkey for his new feature film

ISTANBUL - Anadolu Agency
Australian actor Russell Crowe in Turkey for his new feature film

Russell Crowe came to Istanbul Airport with his private airplain. Crowe visited Edirne for his new film.

Australian Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe arrived at Atatürk Airport about his private plane and waved to journalists as he landed.

"Sun's coming up . 4 a.m. call to prayer woke me. This place is amazing. At least once in your life , you have to experience Istanbul," Crowe wrote on Twitter on July 27.

This is not the first time Crowe has come to Turkey: He visited the southeastern province of Çanakkale on May 22 with U.S. producer Keith Rodger and British Dene Jesham.

This time Crowe visited Edirne. He made some research for his new movie, which will be focusing on life of a father who lost his sons in Gallipoli war. Crowe met with people and he has taken some information. Crowe wants to shoot some screens of the film in Edirne.

"Been all over Edirne. Interesting place, some great potential locations for filming . Met the Governor and the Mayor, big day," he tweeted.

The famous actor, who was traveling on a luxury yacht named “Latiko” anchored in a marina in Çanakkale Kordonboyu, had come to Çanakkale early in the morning after visiting the Greek island of Mikonos. He and the others visited Anzac Cove and the New Zealand monuments and graveyards in Gallipoli National Park.

The famous actor tweeted about his visit, saying, “The Turkish coastline is so beautiful.” He also tweeted a picture with the caption: “The sun rising over the Gallipoli peninsula.”

“In 1915 we would have been in ear shot of the Turk guns for the last hour. Lest we forget,” he said in another tweet. He also took pictures and shared them with his followers on Twitter.

Russell Crowe is also expected to take part in another project in Turkey. In February, the Hürriyet Daily News reported that a new movie focusing on the Gallipoli War would be shot in Turkey by Ra’uf Glasgow, the producer of the “Lost” TV series. Glasgow held a press meeting at Sofa Hotel in Istanbul to announce the movie, which concerns two soldiers meeting after the war. Glasgow will be shooting the film with Reynolds Entertainment Company’s founder and producer, Kelley Reynolds, and Benjamin Belladi.