Attack on deputy ‘not approvable,’ says Parliament Speaker Çiçek

Attack on deputy ‘not approvable,’ says Parliament Speaker Çiçek

Parliament Speaker Cemil Çiçek has said it is “not possible to approve” an attack on a deputy as took place during a recent police intervention against a small group of demonstrators including Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) deputy Ertuğrul Kürkçü. However, Çiçek’s statement fell short of outright condemnation of the police violence against the demonstration.

 There have recently been “some de facto situations” aimed at deputies, Çiçek told Anadolu Agency on Aug. 22, when reminded of the fact that riot police in Istanbul had once more intervened against a demonstration on the evening of Aug. 20.

 Tear gas was again use to disperse a small group of protesters including Kürkçü and an Islamic scholar, who had gathered to march to Gezi Park.

“Everybody needs to be more respectful and be more sensitive and careful while enforcing the law, especially public officials,” Çiçek said, stressing that deputies were individuals “representing the national will.”

“Contrary practices and attitudes can never be approved. It is not possible for me as a Parliament speaker to approve these kinds of de facto situations,” Çiçek said.

 “While deputies are carrying on their activities both inside and outside of Parliament, to obey the laws themselves is a requirement of their respect to the laws they enacted. It is a requirement for us to obey the laws as people doing politics and serving before the eyes of people,” he also added.