Assos reunited with Aristotle

Assos reunited with Aristotle

ÇANAKKALE – Anadolu Agency
Assos reunited with Aristotle A sculpture of Aristotle has been restored and re-erected in one of the most important centers of learning in the classical age, Assos on Turkey’s Aegean coast.

The 2.5-meter-high sculpture, which was erected by the Culture and Tourism Ministry in 2009 at the entrance to the ancient city, was damaged by vandals 1.5 years ago and sent to a sculptor in İzmir for repairs.

The statue’s right arm was removed, while severe distortion was noted on the statue’s face.

Hüseyin Kaplan, the village head of Behramkale, which is located close to the ancient site of Assos in Çanakkale province, said the people who damaged the sculpture were not known. 

“Before the beginning of the new tourism season, Assos has reunited with Aristotle,” Kaplan added.

Assos is known as the settlement where Aristotle opened the first philosophy school. 

Excavations began in the ancient city, which is protected by city walls, in 1980 under the direction of Professor Ümit Serdaroğlu. A theater, agora, assembly building, harbor, necropolis and gymnasium have been unearthed so far in the city. 

Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University (ÇOMÜ) Archaeology Department head Nurettin Arslan and his team continue to conduct works on Assos.