Art Project opens for young artists

Art Project opens for young artists

Art Project opens for young artists

The four-day Mamut Art Project will continue until April 6.

From painting to photography, installations to street art and sculpture to illustrations, 55 artists are displaying their works at Istanbul’s Küçükçiftlik Park.

The four-day Mamut Art Project, which opened yesterday and will continue until April 6, was established in 2013 with the aim of giving space and visibility to upcoming artists.       

“The pressure is higher than ever,” said Seren Kohen, co-founder of the project. “The reactions and reviews we received last year were amazing, much better than expected and now, people will be visiting the exhibition with much higher expectations.”

Describing the event as an alternative art project, Kohen said: “We think that the project should be considered from two different angles: artists and art lovers. The artists are provided with freedom of expression without any theme restrictions by determining solo exhibitions themselves in their private sphere.”

Younger artists also have the opportunity to meet with many famous curators, art dealers and collectors while art lovers are given the chance to see works from many fields, Kohen said.