Aqua parks await holidaymakers, visitors amid normalization

Aqua parks await holidaymakers, visitors amid normalization

Aqua parks await holidaymakers, visitors amid normalization

Aqua parks, one of the indispensable entertainments of summer tourism, have started to serve with strict measures after the government lifted a ban to restrict their operations as part of efforts to take the spread of the coronavirus under control.

The aqua parks, which were forced to postpone their openings due to the pandemic, completed their preparations with the normalization phase that began in early June.

Park managements took many measures against the virus, especially limiting the number of customers and implementing social distancing measures.

“Body temperature will be checked after the guests pass through the disinfectant tunnel at the entrance. Hand disinfectants were placed at the entrance and exits, toll booths and at every point,” said Hayri Günaydın, the manager of an aqua park in the Aegean resort of Kuşadası.

“Many points in the facility were designed according to the social distancing rule. The distance between the tables and sunbeds was adjusted according to the distance of one-and-half meters,” Günaydın noted, stressing that all staff on duty received necessary training.

The capacity in aqua parks will be halved and pools can also accept a limited number of guests depending on their size within the scope of the measures taken.

Those running the aqua park services are reducing the number of sunbeds to ensure social distancing measures, as the staff at the beach entrances follow the measures, wear face shields and masks in line with the rules.

As part of Turkey’s normalization phase, swimming pools and beaches resumed operations on June 1.

However, the opening of some facilities was postponed as new measures were made mandatory.