Antalya to impose fines on motorcyclists not using helmets

Antalya to impose fines on motorcyclists not using helmets

Antalya to impose fines on motorcyclists not using helmets

The governor of the southern province of Antalya on July 17 informed the public that motorcyclists riding without helmets will be fined.

“Starting from today, those who ride motorcycles without helmets will not be able to get away with mere warnings: they will be fined,” Gov. Münir Karaloğlu was quoted as saying by state-run Anadolu Agency during a meeting evaluating the traffic-related data of the first half of 2019.

“[Antalya] Being the second city in Turkey with the most motorcyclists and being one of the [Turkish] cities where motorcycle related deaths occur the most, we have to solve this problem,” Karaloğlu said, explaining the reason for the new fine implementation.

“We are not desiring that citizens are fined, but if they are to ride motorcycles for a short- or long-distance, they have to definitely wear a helmet. This is a legal obligation, and we are trying to raise awareness regarding this issue,” he said.

Karaloğlu also said that road traffic deaths happening at the site of a crash decreased by 35 percent in the first half of 2019 compared with the same period of 2018 in Turkey, drawing attention to how increasing traffic regulations yield significant results.

“The rate is not important at all; even one life is very important. But the decrease of 35 percent is an important figure. There is a very serious work and effort here. Our target is to bring this ratio to the European standard,” he said.

Under the Interior Ministry’s project named “We are on this road together,” not only traffic police officers, but all types of police officers as well as gendarmerie officials can now fine those breaking traffic rules, said the governor.

Meanwhile, Karaloğlu handed certificates of success to police Officers Erdinç Akman and Murat Şentürk, and gendarmerie Sergeant Major Zülfiğar Karadaş during the meeting for their performance in enforcing traffic rules.