Ankara welcomes spring during flower workshop from designers

Ankara welcomes spring during flower workshop from designers

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Ankara welcomes spring during flower workshop from designers

Flower designers share their expertise on flowers and flower arrangement.

The third edition of the Maison Française Flower Workshop took place in Ankara’s Oran neighborhood on May 15, where flower enthusiasts and professionals gathered to arrange the prettiest bouquets with flamboyant flowers from all types in order to greet the spring.

The flower workshop was held at the ParkOran Konutları with the participation of renowned flower designers, Eileen Johnson, the founder of Flower School New York, and florist Lewis Miller, who delivered tutorials at a workshop.

During the workshop, held by the joint sponsorship of MESA and Aktürk, Johnson and Miller shared their expertise on flowers and flower arrangement, where participants also found the chance to design their own bouquets.

Miller, who is known for the romantic, sophisticated and Renaissance-like wedding atmospheres he creates with flowers, met with enthusiasts and shared wisdom on a variety of issues on how to best mix and match the colors, which sorts of flowers to use, and which seasonal trends to follow so as to create the most remarkable arrangements for homes, gifts and special occasions.

“Do not try to design! The flowers find their own way,” Miller told participants.

Miller also provided a demonstration to the audience where he used a vast spectrum of flowers. In his presentation, he displayed his previous designs inspired by a whole range of style influences, which range from Flemish paintings to Californian country life, which are constituent pieces of his classic, fresh and nature-loving style.

With 45 different flowers brought from the Netherlands, lilacs, liliums, dianthus and hortensias were also used in putting together the arrangements.

Participants also designed their own flower arrangements, particularly using pink and orange tones, the prominent colors of spring, following an introductory theoretical lecture by Johnson.

In last year’s edition, the workshop was conducted by Judith Blacklock, the royal florist of the English Royal Family, who takes care of the gardens at Kensington Palace.