Ankara becomes 4th test city in metaverse

Ankara becomes 4th test city in metaverse

Ankara becomes 4th test city in metaverse

Turkish capital Ankara has entered the metaverse, becoming the fourth test city in the universal virtual world after Los Angeles from the U.S., Bari from Italy and Finland’s capital Helsinki.

Within the scope of the initiative, metaverse users will be able to tour Ankara and join all kinds of activities in the city virtually.

The metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection, which a user will be able to enter via VR glasses.

One of these virtual worlds under development is the Open Ar Cloud platform, which added Ankara to the list of cities to be displayed virtually.

“We will be in the metaverse with our operations,” Mansur Yavaş, the mayor of Ankara, announced late on Jan. 6 on his Twitter account.

Several global companies are in a rush to upgrade their internet technologies to serve in the metaverse, which is said to be ready in a decade with full performance.

Already people have been rushing to buy virtual lands in Istanbul in another virtual platform, OVR.