Ancient water system discovered in Burdur

Ancient water system discovered in Burdur

BURDUR – Anadolu Agency
Ancient water system discovered in Burdur

The pool and the fountain were found in ancient city of Kibyra’s agora. AA Photo

Archaeological excavations in the southern province of Burdur’s Kibyra ancient city of have revealed a three-staged pool system and a fountain structure. An official from the excavations, İsmail Baytak said they had unearthed the structures in the agora of the ancient city.

He said water had been delivered to the stores and buildings in the agora from the pool, adding there was also a system to stop the water flow, as well as a waste water system.

Baytak said the foundation was built 200 years after the city took its shape, adding, “The pool and the foundation were built in front of the entrance of the eastern gate of the ancient city. The city was too rich at that time.”

Fountain to be named ‘Heracles’

Baytak said around the pool and the fountain they had found coins and ceramics, providing information about the era of the structures. “They are from the end of the 2nd and the beginning of the 3rd centuries. The Heracles bust was also found here and that is why we will call this fountain Heracles.”