Ancient Tekkeköy Caves falls into ruin

Ancient Tekkeköy Caves falls into ruin

Ancient Tekkeköy Caves falls into ruin

Known to have been used as the oldest settlement in the Black Sea region in human history, the Tekkeköy Caves, an archaeological site in Samsun dating back to the 60,000s, have fallen into ruin because of spray paint.

Tekkeköy Caves, with a history dating back to the Old Stone Age, have also become a place for substance and alcohol addicts. The deplorable state of the caves, the walls of which are spray-painted and filled with declarations of love, draws the reaction of visitors.

Despite the warning signs saying, “It is forbidden and dangerous to enter and travel in caves,” some people cause pollution by throwing plastic water bottles, medical masks, paper pieces into the area. The residents want the historical Tekkeköy Caves to be taken under protection urgently.

One of the visitors of the caves, Yıldıray Efe said, “A lot of visitors come to this area and is a must-see place, but unfortunately some people have ruined this area.”

“They went into the caves, ate, drank and left their garbage. This place needs to be much cleaner and more decent. There are also writings scribbled on the walls of the cave where some people have written names, and some have written what they love. Everyone needs to be conscious,” Efe added.

Tekkeköy Caves are believed to be dated between 60,000 and 15,000 B.C. It is claimed that the area is one of the three places where people started living after Noah’s Flood by scientists. The valley with large and small caves attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists coming to the city. Due to the rock structure of the region, it is reported that the caves had once catered to the oldest settlements in human history.

Tekkeköy Caves covering an area of 96,000 square meters were declared a protected area in 1977 and were opened to visitors in 2013. Works in the valley, which spreads over an area of 360,000 square meters, have been continuing.

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