Ancient fountain to function again

Ancient fountain to function again

BURDUR – Anadolu Agency
Ancient fountain to function again

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A 2,000-year-old fountain unearthed in the ancient city of Kibyra in the southern province of Burdur will soon regain its former function after a restoration project is launched next year. 

The head of the excavations at Kibyra, Mehmet Akif Ersoy University academic Şükrü Özüdoğru, said they had been continuing excavations at the site since 2006 and had started working in the third terrace of the agora, where the fountain was discovered, for the first time this year. 

“We found a round-shaped fountain here. This is important for Kibyra because it is the first monumental fountain we have so far unearthed [at the site]. Thanks to the fountain, we got information about how the city’s water needs were met and the architectural aesthetic in the agora. The third terrace of the agora can be called the heart of the city in terms of cultural and social life. The fountain is the most magnificent structure in this place,” he said. 

Özüdoğru said the fountain, which had a conic roof, was a unique structure for Kibyra in terms of architecture, and they had finished excavation works in the structure. 

“I hope that a restoration project will be prepared next year. It is planned to bring water to the Böğrüdelik tableland through this fountain in 2018,” he added. 

Özüdoğru said the city was reestablished in the Roman era after a big earthquake occurred in 23 A.D., adding the fountain was built after the earthquake.