All but two forest fires in Turkey under control

All but two forest fires in Turkey under control

All but two forest fires in Turkey under control

Turkey has gotten under control all the forest fires in the country, except for two blazes in the southwest, said the agriculture and forestry minister on Aug. 9. 

"In 53 provinces, we have dealt with 270 forest fires, with 268 now under control," Bekir Pakdemirli told a press conference in Marmaris, Muğla after a firefighting coordination meeting.

The remaining blazes are in the districts of Milas and Köyceğiz in the Muğla province and Bozdoğan in the Aydın province.

Firefighters have been combatting the blazes for 13 days straight, he said, adding that anyone who wants to volunteer to join the fight can apply online at

Damage suffered by 7,735 farmers has been determined across nine provinces, 26 districts, and 180 villages of Turkey, he stated, adding: "About 4,500 beehives were decimated by  wildfires in Muğla."

"We will provide free seeds, seedlings, and saplings needed to reestablish plant production areas," Pakdemirli said.

In Muğla, the country's honeydew hub, Turkey will establish new honey facilities, he pledged, as well as compensate for lost cattle.

As Greece asked for surplus firefighting aircraft from Turkey, Pakdemirli said Turkey would send it two 40-ton Forestry Directorate planes.

The Muğla Governorship said in a statement on Monday that seven planes, 39 helicopters, two drones, 10,547 personnel, and 2,545 vehicles took part in efforts to get the flames under control.

Some 38,715 people were evacuated from the region due to the fires, it said.

The treatment of 15 people out of 687 affected by the fire continues, while 672 people have been discharged from hospitals, it added.

A fire close to the Kemerköy thermal power plant was extinguished, it noted, saying precautionary measures were taken at the power plant.

In over 19,000 sorties, aircraft dropped 75,000 tons of water onto forest fires in Muğla and Antalya from July 29 to Aug. 7.

At least eight people have been killed, according to official figures, since fires started in southern and southwestern Turkey on July 28.