Adventurous Mexican artist takes restoration class in Istanbul

Adventurous Mexican artist takes restoration class in Istanbul

Adventurous Mexican artist takes restoration class in Istanbul

A Mexican artist, who has traveled 66 countries so far during her art-focused world tour, receives classes from the masters of the Dolmabahçe Palace restoration workshop in Istanbul, the last stop of her 23-year art journey.

After completing her university education, 43-year-old Sofia Chávez embarked on an artistic journey of thousands of kilometers to discover the diverse cultural and artistic riches in the world.

Having received various training during this trip, Chávez went to Spain for architectural education, Scandinavia to learn furniture design, and Singapore for receiving calligraphy education, learning both the culture and arts during her stay in these countries.

Briefing her life as a journey full of art, Chávez eventually settled in Turkey and gave a new approach to her artworks by combining Turkish and Mexican art.

Having taken art classes on marbling, illumination and calligraphy from different artists for four years in Istanbul, Chávez reinforced her experience in Dolmabahçe Palace restoration workshop, where she was entitled to enter with her interest and skills.

Stating that the cultural differences in all the countries that she visited have left an impression on her mind, Chavez said Turkey holds special importance in her life.

“Before I came here, I thought our cultures were similar. But after I arrived, I saw that it was actually very different. I got used to it over time, and I learn new things every day,” she said.

Expressing that she was very impressed by the culture and art environment in Istanbul after coming to the city, Chávez noted that Istanbul was one of the most beautiful places among the 66 countries that she has visited.

Chavez now spends her time in Istanbul taking restoration lessons, learning the Turkish language, exploring the streets of Turkey, and trying to get used to Turkish cuisine.