Adana Governor’s Office bans LGBTI pride march

Adana Governor’s Office bans LGBTI pride march

Adana Governor’s Office bans LGBTI pride march

The Adana Governor’s Office has banned an LGBTI pride parade planned to take place on July 7 in the southern province of Adana over “possible incitement of hatred and hostility” among people.

The open-area organization may lead to “an incitement of hatred and hostility of one group against another having differences in terms of social class, race, religion, sect or religion, and therefore an open and imminent danger for the public security,” the governor’s office was quoted as saying in its reasoning of the ban, local media reported.

Gay pride parades along with film screenings organized by LGBTI groups have been banned lately in Turkish cities.

In a recent move, the Ankara Governor’s Office had banned the movie screening event of a communist LGBT group which was to be held in the capital city on June 28.

The office had again said such events can “incite hatred and enmity” among different fractions of the society.

Homosexuality is not a crime in Turkey, but homophobia is still widespread.