61 women killed across Turkey in 2013

61 women killed across Turkey in 2013

61 women killed across Turkey in 2013

Hundreds join in mass dance event in Kadıköy to say no to violence against women. DHA Photo

Some 61 women in Turkey were killed by their husbands or boyfriends in 2013, according to data released by the Police Department’s Public Security Directorate.

Thirteen of those 61 women were under state protection at the time of their murder, and four were killed despite being in possession of a “panic button,” which is one of the government’s latest measures against domestic violence. Court decisions were in place to restrict six of the women’s husbands and four of the women were given on-call bodyguards, but they were still unable to escape being murdered.

The report added that four of the women had changed their appearances through plastic surgery to protect themselves, while 34 women had changed their personal information and identities. The children of 14 of these 34 women were also given new identities.

A total of 583 women filed complaints in 2013 that they were subjected to violence and their lives were in danger. The government provided protection to 5,987 women, giving them either panic buttons, bodyguards or electronic handcuffs for the husbands.

Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry has launched a new project to assign new “security officers” who will receive special education to protect women.