4th Istanbul Design Biennial to spread across Europe

4th Istanbul Design Biennial to spread across Europe

4th Istanbul Design Biennial to spread across Europe


Organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV), the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial collaborates with Luma Arles and Z33 - House for Contemporary Art to bring over 90 interdisciplinary practitioners together to investigate the evolution of design education.

A continuation of the 4th Istanbul Biennial, “A School of Schools,” the exhibition is curated by Jan Boelen, co-founding artistic director of the research program Atelier Luma and curator of the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial, with Nadine Botha and Vera Sacchetti.

Between Sept. 22 and Nov. 4, 2018, the biennial presented an ambitious program of exhibitions, projects and events which spanned the city of Istanbul. At the heart of the biennial was an ambition to create a safe space for learning in which established norms and conventions could be questioned.

Now, “A School of Schools” will be presented at Luma Arles, an interdisciplinary cultural center in the city of Arles, France between April 27 and May 26. The exhibition will also be a part of the Guest Program of Luma Days #3, a yearly forum of art and ideas which runs from May 22 to 25, presenting public events, conferences, professional workshops, displays and art installations.

“A School of Schools” will also travel to Belgium in the summer with the collaboration of Z33 – and will be exhibited in C-mine, between June 28 and September 29 this year.

Co-curated by Ils Huygens, the Time School exhibition will be hosted by Z33. The 4th Istanbul Design Biennial brought together more than 200 interdisciplinary practitioners from 21 countries in six venues. The event was visited by more than 200,000 people in six weeks.

The biennial projects explored the multiple dimensions of design as learning in six schools: Unmaking School, Currents School, Scales School, Earth School, Time School, and Digestion School.