30 electronic tags given for domestic violence cases in Turkey

30 electronic tags given for domestic violence cases in Turkey

30 electronic tags given for domestic violence cases in Turkey

The number of electronic bracelets given for domestic violence incidents throughout Turkey is only 30, although some 120,000 women are subjected to violence by men every year in the country, daily Habertürk reported on Oct. 9.

The government in 2015, as part of a protocol signed between the family, interior and justice ministries, introduced electronic tagging system for perpetrators of domestic violence in a bid to prevent a repeat of cases of violence in the country.

The system was first put into execution in the capital Ankara and the western province of İzmir, but it has later extended to four more provinces: Istanbul, the western province of Bursa, the southeastern province of Gaziantep, and the southern province of Antalya.

But despite the high number of domestic violence cases in the country, it has come to light that the Justice Ministry has given approval for the allocation of at most 30 electronic bracelets per year, Habertürk reported.

Currently, 28 of these electronic bracelets are in use in a total of four provinces, whereas two are currently idle. Once domestic violence perpetrators are monitored through these bracelets for a period of six months, the bracelets are taken off and attached to other suspects convicted in other cases. Over the last two-year period, a total of 60 suspects wore the electronic bracelets, the daily reported, but no suspects in Istanbul and the western province of Bursa have been monitored yet.

But officials are reportedly set to apply to the Justice Ministry to increase the number of electronic tags as of 2018.

Besides the use of electronic bracelets, authorities employ other methods to protect women subjected to domestic violence, including women changing their names to avoid being located by their perpetrators, imposing restraining orders, and ensuring women take refuge in women shelters.

Electronic bracelets first came into use in 2005 for convicts on probation. Up until now, these bracelets have been put on a total of 25,000 people in Turkey.

Right now, 3,000 suspects are monitored via electronic bracelets by the authorities. Of this number, 380 are suspects who stand a trial related to Fethullahist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) cases.

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