3,821 buildings to be demolished in Adana

3,821 buildings to be demolished in Adana

3,821 buildings to be demolished in Adana

A total of 3,821 buildings have been found to be heavily and moderately damaged in the quake-hit southern province of Adana, and a decision has been taken to demolish these structures.

In the 7.7 and 7.6 magnitude earthquakes on Feb. 6, 13 buildings collapsed in Adana, where 418 people lost their lives.

While the population density increased in Seyhan and Yüreğir districts, where migration within the city is experienced, teams continue their work for damage assessment after the earthquakes.

The teams determined 1,202 buildings as heavily damaged and 2,619 buildings as moderately damaged and decided upon their demolition.

Meanwhile, 17,233 buildings were recorded as slightly damaged and 125,646 buildings as undamaged.

The installment of containers for quake survivors has started in the Çukurova district. A total of 2,400 containers will be installed in four different regions across the city, including three in the Buruk and Çarkıpare neighborhoods of the central Sarıçam district, and the earthquake survivors will be placed gradually.

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