26 tons of waste collected from Istanbul dams

26 tons of waste collected from Istanbul dams

26 tons of waste collected from Istanbul dams

Approximately 26 tons of waste, including large-sized materials such as bathtub, boat and water tanks, has been collected from seven dams which meet Istanbul’s water needs.

Teams of to the Istanbul Municipality initiated cleaning works for the wastes that emerged in the dams due to the decrease in the water level after months without sufficient precipitation.

Within the scope of the work in which 476 personnel participated, the Terkos, Ömerli, Alibey, Elmalı, Sazlıdere, Darlık and Büyükçekmece dams were cleared.

As a result of the cleaning works lasting for a week, nearly 26 tons of waste was collected.

The presence of large-sized items such as a chair, bathtubs, water tank, inflatable boat, barbecue, and vehicle tire among the wastes revealed the extent of the pollution.

Türkiye has recently faced drought due to low precipitation and unusual temperature.

The water level of dams that meet Istanbul’s water needs have decreased to 33 percent, while the existing water reserve can meet the water requirements for only up to three-and-a-half months, Agriculture and Forestry Ministry Vahit Kirişçi warned last month.