224 foreign productions shot in Türkiye last year: Report

224 foreign productions shot in Türkiye last year: Report

224 foreign productions shot in Türkiye last year: Report

Some 224 foreign productions, including films, documentaries and TV shows, were shot in Türkiye last year, reveals a report published by the Culture and Tourism Ministry.

The fact that the most filmed genre is documentary proved that the county is a center of attraction for foreigners with its natural and historical assets.

Some 94 documentaries with foreign productions were shot in the country, while the number of feature films shot in Türkiye was 17.

On the other hand, 46 TV programs carried their sets to Türkiye in some of the episodes in 2022.

According to the report, the ministry provided almost 42 million Turkish Liras ($2.2 million) in appropriations to 37 feature-length film projects of domestic production last year.

Within the scope of the ministry’s intense work regarding the return of historical artifacts smuggled from Türkiye to abroad, a total of 1,121 historical assets were brought back to the country.

Some 1,059 of them consist of the artifacts that were seized at the Croationa Bajakova Border Gate.

The United States was the second country that returned a considerable amount of the artifacts with 56 works, with some of them dating back to the Roman period.

The report stated that three museums and a ruin were opened to visitors last year.

Touching upon the figure of people visiting the museum and ruins affiliated with the ministry, more than 30.9 million people discovered historical, cultural and natural assets of the country by paying visits to these places.

About 2.9 million people bought museum cards last year, the report says.

The rate of people who stated they were pleased with their visits to the museums and ruins was 92 percent.

In 2022, the ministry registered 1,346 new protected areas and 2,895 immovable cultural assets.

With the new last year’s registrations, the total number of archaeological sites in the country has reached 22,898.

Sharing information regarding the use of social media platforms by Turkish people in 2022, Facebook was the most used social platform, with nearly 5.5 million subscribers.

More than 2.1 million people used Instagram, putting the social media platform in second place among the others.

In 2021, the number of people who have an Instagram account was approximately 1 million.

Within just one year, an increase of nearly 1 million in the number of users revealed the rising popularity of Instagram among Turkish people.

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