161 suspects detained in anti-drug op

161 suspects detained in anti-drug op

161 suspects detained in anti-drug op

Some 161 people were detained in an anti-drug operation in Istanbul, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu has stated.

Within the scope of the “rooting out” operation that was launched to combat drug traffic, the 42nd operation was carried out yesterday by Istanbul Police.

As a result of the simultaneous operation conducted throughout Istanbul, 161 out of 175 suspects were captured.

Pointing out that technical surveillance and monitoring have been carried out for about 16 months, Soylu noted that 900 security personnel took part in the operation.

Soylu stated that the target of the operation on March 14 was a team of drug dealers comprising 60 taxi drivers, 35 motorcycle couriers and some individuals in Istanbul.

“I would like to say to people in Istanbul: Yes, we are in the quake zone with a considerable number of security forces. But, we continue to fight against all crimes, from terrorism to drugs,” Soylu expressed.

“I would like to express this, especially to mothers: We will never allow those who want to steal or darken our children’s future. We will succeed in this struggle against drugs together,” he added.