Young woman beats cancer to win gold medal

Young woman beats cancer to win gold medal

Young woman beats cancer to win gold medal

Münire Nur Güdücü was diagnosed with deadly leukemia at the age of 12 when she had dreams about competing in the European Taekwondo Championship.

She had to spend months in a hospital room for treatment, which prevented her from participating in the championship.

A teammate who replaced Güdücü claimed the gold medal and gave it to the girl. “You deserved this medal, not me,” the teammate said.

During an event organized by LÖSEV, an NGO which provides support to children with leukemia, Güdücü told a doctor about her dreams.

Some four months later, Güdücü received a phone call from LÖSEV, asking if she would be interested in competing at the Onco-Olympics in Poland. She agreed and competed in the 100-meter race, winning the gold medal.

Recently she posted a video on a social media platform, telling her story.
Güdücü recalled that she was very depressed and aggressive while receiving her treatment at the hospital.

One day, a woman whose child had recovered from cancer entered her room to talk about LÖSEV and to boost Güdücü’s morale. But, Güdücü recalled that she was very aggressive with the woman and asked her to leave.

But later, people from LÖSEV called her and asked how she was feeling. “This call made me feel special,” Güdücü said.

Now at the age of 19, Güdücü is a volunteer working for LÖSEV.

“Cancer made me stronger. Cancer made me who I am now. My advice to people: Do not wait to go down to live your life to the fullest.”