Young people unhappy, hopeless for future: Study

Young people unhappy, hopeless for future: Study

Young people unhappy, hopeless for future: Study

Young people in Turkey are unhappy, indebted and worried about the future shows a research in which participants were asked about their relations with religion, politics, family, society as well as their internet habits.

The results of the research conducted by Istanbul’s Yeditepe University and MAK Consultancy on young people aged 18-29 between July 13 and Aug. 20 were shared with the public.

At least half of the young people said that they were not happy in any way, according to the study, which asked about general moods. The rate of those who stated that they are happy or very happy was only 26 percent.

Some 26 percent of the respondents were of the view that in order to be happy, first of all, it is necessary to have money. This answer was followed by “status”, “spirituality” and “family” respectively.

While 86 percent of the young people, who participated in the study, stated that they are in debt, the rate of those who owed between 5,000 ($678) and 10,000 ($1,356) liras took the first place with 27 percent.

About 8 percent of the participants said they do not believe in any religion and 11 percent of them said that they have no belief hereafter, while 8 out of 10 young people noted that they have a religious belief.

The research showed that 74 percent of the youth follows politics. Around 78 percent of them said that no existing political party is producing enough policies, it just seems to be.

Almost half of the youth considered unemployment as the most important problem that needs to be solved. The cost of living and fairness are the other two issues to focus on. Some 77 percent of the respondents believed that preferential treatment is more effective than talent when it comes to getting hired for a job.

More than 75 percent of young people were ready to live in a different country if given a temporary opportunity. If the citizenship of another country was granted permanently, the rate of those ready to leave Turkey was around 64 percent.

Nearly 43 percent of Turkish youth want to live in European countries, 40 percent in the U.S. or Canada, and 15 percent in Scandinavian countries. The most important reason for the desire to live in another country was the “search for a better future.”

Almost 90 percent of the youth that participated was of the view that seniors do not understand them.

The study showed that young people use Instagram the most with 34 percent. The app is followed by Twitter with 30 percent and Facebook with 15 percent as nearly 60 percent of the participants followed the news on social media.