World-famous Antalya beach to reopen with unprecedented measures

World-famous Antalya beach to reopen with unprecedented measures

World-famous Antalya beach to reopen with unprecedented measures

A series of measures have started to be implemented within the scope of the fight against COVID-19 in the world-famous Konyaaltı beach of the Mediterranean province of Antalya.

Those who want to swim and enjoy the sun on the unique beach of the Mediterranean city must now follow strict hygiene and social distancing rules.

Beachgoers will no longer be allowed to lay their towels randomly on the sand to sunbathe.

Warning signs were placed, with nine-square-meter spaces having been designated across the beach to prevent crowding and close proximity among tourists. They are divided by woods serving as fences for sunbathers, with umbrellas each.

These sunbathing compartments are expected to set an example for the businesses in the region.

When beachgoers leave their compartments and other tourists wish to use those compartments, they would have to wait 20 minutes for disinfection works.

There will be social distancing lanes in the areas where there are changing cabins and showers.

Every holidaymaker who comes to the beach will go through a turnstile where lockers are located.

Holidaymakers will be given an information booklet about the use of masks, gloves, and these special areas in these turnstiles.

Masks and gloves will be used in the market on the beach.

Authorities will also check social distance rules during the tourism season, which will be gradually opened.

Authorities said they would forbid smoking on the beach in case a cigarette butt causes contamination, saying they would designate a separate area for smokers.

Konyaaltı Beach is one of the beaches whose access has been banned until the fight against the virus ensured it is safe for beachgoers in accordance with the circular of the Interior Ministry.

The beach, which hosts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year especially from Russia and the United Kingdom, will receive its first guests as of June 1.