Woman takes husband's lover's kidney

Woman takes husband's lover's kidney

Woman takes husbands lovers kidney

Hürriyet photo

A Turkish woman’s life has been saved after she received a kidney from her husband’s mistress, according to daily Hürriyet.

Four years after getting married, one of Meliha Avcı’s kidneys ceased to work, meaning she needed to receive dialysis three times a week, four hours at a time.

During this time, Avcı’s husband, Mehmet Avcı, met another woman, Ayşe İmdat. The husband moved İmdat into his mother’s home, disguising her as the babysitter for the couple’s son.

When Meliha Avcı learned about her husband’s adultery, she pleaded that he and İmdat marry after she died. 

After the three came from the Central Anatolian province of Nevşehir to Istanbul for surgery, İmdat insisted that she donate a kidney to save Avcı.

“We shared a husband, and now we shared a kidney,” said the patient.

İmdat has promised to continue taking care of Meliha Avcı after the surgery.