Woman stabbed by co-worker in ministry building

Woman stabbed by co-worker in ministry building

ANKARA – Fevzi Kızılkoyun
Woman stabbed by co-worker in ministry building

In Turkey, some 129 women were killed in the first half of 2014.

A woman tea-maker at the Youth and Sport’s Ministry in Turkey’s capital Ankara was severely wounded after being stabbed six times by a male co-worker on Dec. 16. 

The man, also a tea-maker only identified at F.B., stabbed his colleague, only identified as G.Ç., six times early on Dec. 16 inside the ministry’s building in Ankara, reportedly due to money issues.

The Youth and Sports Ministry has released a statement about the incident, giving details about how the crime was committed. 

“F.B., who is a tea maker of a private company that serves our ministry, had an argument with G.Ç., who works in the same place. During the argument, F.B. wounded his co-worker with a knife that was inside the tea shop,” read a part of the statement. 

It added that an emergency intervention was given to the wounded woman by the ministry’s doctors, security, and health personnel on the scene. “The wounded G.Ç. was immediately taken to hospital, while F.B. was detained by security forces,” it said. 

While the woman remains in a critical condition at hospital, she is quoted as saying that F.B. was threatening her and that she should “hide her cellphone.” The man was quoted as saying that he had lent G.Ç. a total of 7,000 Turkish Liras and she did intend to pay him back.

In Turkey, some 129 women were killed in the first half of 2014, up from 88 in the same period last year, said main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputy Aylin Nazlıaka, speaking at a July 11 press conference at Parliament.  

Nazlıaka said 58 women and children were raped and 292 women were wounded. In the month before she spoke, she said 17 women and girls were killed, the number of reported rape incidents had reached 26, and 56 women were wounded. 

The figures came at time when the overall number of recorded murders committed in Turkey also showed a sharp increase, according to separate reports.