Winter has come: Probe on soldiers for TV series

Winter has come: Probe on soldiers for TV series

İZMİR - Hürriyet
Winter has come: Probe on soldiers for TV series

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Nine army officers were accused of sexual abuse and violating Article 301 of the Turkish Penal Code by “insulting Turkishness” after screening the popular TV series “Game of Thrones” in class, daily Hürriyet reported.

The series was shown during a class at İzmir's Maltepe Military Academy as part of foreign language classes. Students completed several assignments involving the series, including translating and studying the English language material related to the show.

After completing the series over the course of ten weeks, an anonymous letter was sent to the academy’s administration which complained about the use of the TV series as an educational tool. The letter claimed the series involved "corrupted and perverted" sex scenes and depicted Turks as "a barbarian tribe with perverted religious rituals." 

Perverted and pornographic, says official report

A team of instructors were given the duty of studying the show to determine if the claims were true.
The final report released by the committee of instructors claimed the series contained "pornographic elements" and "perverted and violent ways of sexual intercourse." The report also said the show encouraged the consumption of alcohol.

"The show in question may damage the evolving individual in ways [which are] extremely difficult to amend in the future," the report said.

The show was also found to be insulting to Turkishness by the committee, who claimed that "even though it is not directly said, it is easily understood by the audience."

"Our nation is shown as barbarians with perverted religious beliefs and customs," the report read. "The screening of this show may discourage students from their occupation, as well as weaken patriotic emotions."

Dismissal of charges

The charges were dismissed by the military prosecutor, who stated that the show, which is permitted for audience over the age of 13, was screened for students between the ages of 16 and 19. The accused officers were placed in different posts around the country.

The administration then received a second letter which claimed the formerly accused army officers, and five additional names, had insulted their superiors. A military investigation was immediately launched into the claim.

The Ministry of Defense issued a surprise decision signed by the minister personally which overruled the previous decision to dismiss charges. The ministry’s ruling put the previous charges against the nine army officers back in motion. 

Two separate investigations involving nine different officers are currently underway. The accused officers’ lawyer claimed earlier that the students were pressured into signing testimonies against their instructors, including Mustafa Küçük, a student who was expelled despite having the highest grade in the school.