Wife killers given leniency

Wife killers given leniency

KONYA – Demirören News Agency
Wife killers given leniency

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Two Turkish women were killed and another one was injured by men on Nov. 17, while a murderer, who had killed his partner two years ago, was given a good conduct abatement.

Mustafa Çakan, who was a neighborhood head in the Central Anatolian province of Konya, stabbed his partner Hacer Göral to death on Aug. 18, 2017, whom he had a five-year relationship with.

Çakan was sentenced to life imprisonment for “deliberate killing” by the court but “taking into consideration his behavior during the trial process,” the punishment was reduced to 25 years in jail.

Upon his lawyer’s application to the appeal court with claim of “unjust provocation,” Çakan’s sentence was lowered to 15 years behind bars on Nov. 18.

A day before, Ali Osman Sarı strangled his wife Serpil Sarı to death in the southern Osmaniye province. The assailant was arrested.

A man identified as Mustafa T. and living in Turgutlu district of the Aegean province of Manisa stabbed his ex-wife Aynur Manaz in the stomach on Nov. 17. She was taken into intense treatment as police forces detained her ex-husband.

Şehmuz Selçuk, who was released from the open prison in Buca district of İzmir province, fired at his ex-lover Melisa Kalem with a shotgun. Selçuk then committed suicide at the scene. They both lost their lives.

According to figures provided by Kadın Cinayetlerini Durduracağız Platformu (We Will Stop Femicide Platform),which keeps a tally of femicides across the country, some 374 women were killed by men in Turkey in 2019.