What to eat: Day 1

What to eat: Day 1

Breakfast (8 am – 9 am)
• Two medium boiled eggs (or lightly cooked omelet in butter) 
• 8 or 10 unsalted olives (green or black)
• Feta cheese in the size of one’s palm
• 4 or 5 sundried apricots
• Sugar-free herbal or fruit tea
• Half-glass of dried walnuts 

Lunch (1 pm -2 pm)
• Cold veal meat in the size of one’s palm, a big salad* and fresh beans stew in olive oil
• A glass of unsalted ayran*
• Sugar-free herbal tea or water (as much as wanted)

Snacks (optional) (3 pm)
• Half-glass of dried walnuts
• Sugar-free tea or water with fresh lemon 

Dinner (6 pm – 7 pm)*
• Fish, fresh onions, arugula and radish 


1- Salads should not contain seasoning other than natural vinegar, fresh lemons, extra virgin olive oil, or ground rock salt. The seasoning should include linseed.
2- Ayran is a traditional Turkish drink prepared as a thinner form of yogurt.
3- The Karatay Diet does not allow any meals after 8 pm, not even fruits.
4- The diet advises a 30 or 40 minute walk before going to bed