'We’re the Lincolns of Turkey’: Turkish first lady

'We’re the Lincolns of Turkey’: Turkish first lady

We’re the Lincolns of Turkey’: Turkish first lady

Hayrünnisa Gül speaks at the Erzurum Book Fair. DHA photo

Turkish first lady Hayrünnisa Gül has likened her and her husband Abdullah Gül's life story to that of former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, responding reporters' questions at a book fair in the eastern province of Erzurum, daily Hürriyet has reported.

She recently watched the Oscar-winning “Lincoln,” which tells the story of Abraham Lincoln outlawing slavery, she said. "I've put myself in Lincoln's wife's shoes, I've experienced similar things to what they did," Gül told reporters.

"We lived in times when prejudice was predominant [in Turkey], and we lived the days when we deplored," Gül said.

"There have been changes in Turkey we could not even dream about 10 years ago," she said.

Gül appreciates the progress realized in Turkey but does not consider it sufficient.
Upset about Emek Theater demolition
When asked about the demolition of Istanbul's historical Emek Theater, the first lady said she deeply regretted the demolition of old buildings, which she thinks should be preserved as original.

She said instead of new buildings replacing old ones the restoration of old ones' authenticity should be promoted.

"The idea that new is beautiful is unfortunately predominant in Turkish society, but I think old is beautiful," she added.