Waterproof tablets, smart accessories excite top tech fair

Waterproof tablets, smart accessories excite top tech fair

HANOVER - Agence France-Presse
Waterproof tablets, smart accessories excite top tech fair

A waterproof tablet PC from Fujitsu is seen lowered into a fish tank at the world's biggest high-tech fair, the CeBIT, on March 6, 2012 in Hanover, central Germany. AFP photo

Whether in the bath, the toilet or in the car, you need never be separated for an instant from your beloved tablet computer with a range of innovations showcased at this year's CeBIT tech fair.

Tablet computers are undoubtedly all the rage at this year's show, the world's biggest IT fair, with hangar-sized halls filled with the latest in ultra-light, ultra-fast and ultra-cool products from around the world.

Causing a particular buzz was the new waterproof device from Fujitsu.
"People honestly want to read their ebooks in the bath," explained Barbara D'Introno as she nonchalantly dipped the tablet computer into a fish tank.
Available for the moment only in Japan, the firm is considering rolling it out further afield. It works by applying a high-tech cover to protect the electronics and is completely waterproof down to three metres (10 feet).
"You can't exactly use it for diving," admitted D'Introno.
However, the firm has received interest from builders and architects who need to use their tablets outside in the rain, she said, as well as medical emergency staff. It is also dustproof.
Another tablet computer making waves at the CeBIT was Samsung's bright pink Galaxy Tab, due to hit the market soon.
Alongside the tablets, whole stands of accessories compete for consumers' attention. Hello Kitty iPad case, anyone? And Dutch firm "phonegrip" has come up with a simple but clever gadget to attach your tablet or smartphone to virtually any surface -- including the toilet wall.
Yours for around 20 euros ($25), the clip can also be used to stick your smartphone to your bike handlebars, car dashboard or steering wheel, supermarket shopping trolley or even sportswear, explained entrepreneur Hugo Passchier.