Water pipes banned for people under 18

Water pipes banned for people under 18

ANKARA - Hürriyet Daily News
Water pipes banned for people under 18

The water pipe is considered a part of Turkish culture and many people believe that it is less harmful than cigarettes, as it is often served with flavored tobacco. Hürriyet photo

Parliament has passed a regulation that bans the smoking of water pipes for those under 18 years of age and restricts tobacco advertising, in a move to tighten the smoking ban.

Pictorial and written warnings will be added to both domestic and imported tobacco product packages according to the amendment, which was approved in Parliament’s General Assembly yesterday as part of the omnibus bill. Anti-smoking warnings will be included on water pipe - or nargile as they are popularly known in Turkey - bowls as is currently done for other tobacco products. Additionally, the size dimensions of existing anti-smoking warnings on tobacco products will be enlarged from 40 to 65 percent of the size of the package.

Both the ban on smoking water pipes for those under 18 years old and the restriction of tobacco ads were part of two separate “package motions,” which include legislative arrangements on a wide range of issues. After finalizing days of hectic work for the adoption of these packages, Parliament entered its summer recess, which will end on Oct. 1.

Some of the contents of the adopted motions are as follows:

- The families of civilians who are killed during terrorist attacks and in accidental shootings on the part of security forces - such as the one that happened last December in the town of Uludere in Şırnak - will be paid regular pensions. People who are injured in such cases will also be paid pensions.

- Military officers and conscripts who are killed in traffic accidents while traveling for duty will be considered “martyrs” and their families will be paid benefits accordingly. Military officers and conscripts who are injured in such accidents will be considered veterans and provided with services accordingly.

- People who entered military schools during and after the “post-modern” coup of 1997, also known as the “Feb. 28 process,” and who later left the schools or were expelled will now be able to get compensation more easily.

- Some 40,000 teacher staff vacancies have been made available to the Education Ministry, and appointments will take place in 2012. Also for the year 2012, 30,000 vacant posts have been provided to the Police Department.