Warships serve as hospitals in Hatay

Warships serve as hospitals in Hatay

Warships serve as hospitals in Hatay

Türkiye’s amphibious tank landing ships TCG Bayraktar and TCG Sancaktar have docked at a port in the southern province of Hatay to provide hospital services for the victims of Feb. 6’s major earthquakes.

Each ship has an operating room, 10 beds and up to 90 patient observation areas. In addition, there is a bed where intensive care facilities can be offered for a patient.

A total of 280 patients were admitted within 24 hours on TCG Bayraktar. Eight of the patients underwent orthopedic surgery, while two were referred to other hospitals. Inpatient treatment of six of them is still ongoing.

The medical personnel on board consist of teams from Muğla Training and Research Hospital, Menteşe State Hospital and Muğla Private Yücelen Hospital teams.

The crew of 145, consisting of a general surgeon, an anesthesiologist and reanimation specialist, a cardiovascular surgeon, an orthopedic specialist, three emergency medicine specialists, two pediatricians and many volunteer assistants, medical students and nurses, boarded the ship from the Aegean province of Muğla. A total of 65 are staying to serve emergency patients, while 80 people dispersed to the quake-hit sites.