Visitors strike ‘Titanic’ pose at highland

Visitors strike ‘Titanic’ pose at highland

Visitors strike ‘Titanic’ pose at highland

Visitors enjoy a view of sunset and sea of clouds on a boat which is built and brought by a restaurateur to attract visitors’ attention in Hüser Highland at 2,700-meter altitude in Kaçkar Mountains National Park in the Black Sea province of Rize’s Çamlıhemşin district.

Tourists on the boat are queuing up to take photos similar to the iconic hugging scene of the movie ‘Titanic’ and share these shots on Instagram. The price of taking a souvenir photo in the boat on the clouds is 10 Turkish Liras ($1.40).

Another point of interest in the region is the giant swing at the western end of the highland. People rides on a swing while watching the impressive sunset and sea of clouds as if they were flying in the sky.

Those visit the plateau also enjoy the fresh air and breathtaking scenery in an environment where local music unique to the Black Sea is in the background until sunset.

Although the area becomes silent as darkness falls, people often set up camps and spend the night in the highlands just to capture the perfect shot of shouting stars.

Rising above the eastern Black Sea coast and sharing boundaries with Çamlıhemşin and Artvin’s Yusufeli district, Kaçkars are among the regions preferred by adventure enthusiasts.

The area also offers different beauties to the alternative holiday seekers with its rare plantation, forests, wildlife and glacial lakes.