‘Visions of Holocaust’ exhibition to open in Istanbul

‘Visions of Holocaust’ exhibition to open in Istanbul

ISTANBUL – Anadolu Agency
‘Visions of Holocaust’ exhibition to open in Istanbul

A selection of colorized photographs from the Holocaust will be on display in an exhibition next week at the Jewish Museum of Turkey in Istanbul, according to the museum’s official webpage.

“The Visions of the Holocaust” by Turkish artist Yusuf Tolga Ünker can be visited in the museum Jan. 24 through March 30.

The museum said Ünker digitally colorized the black and white images after obtaining necessary permits from Yad Vashem - World Center for Holocaust Research - and the New York Holocaust Jewish Museum.

“The Holocaust must be faced. People prefer to look away from such photos, only briefly acknowledging the pain they portray,” Ünker said.

He added when people see the Holocaust photographs in color, they tend to get frightened of them.

“They do not want to see what humans are capable of doing to each other,” he said.

“That’s precisely why I colorize the photos.

“My aim is to present what people don’t want to see; to get viewers out of their comfort zones.

In addition to the 59 colorized photographs, Ünker’s watercolor paintings and charcoal drawings will also be on display.

The event sponsored by the German Consulate General in Istanbul.