Video showing cat torture stirs anger in Turkey

Video showing cat torture stirs anger in Turkey

Video showing cat torture stirs anger in Turkey


Footage of a cat being tortured by a soldier in the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) has drawn widespread outrage on social media.

The incident occurred in the eastern province of Erzincan on Dec. 3. A soldier who was allegedly under the influence of alcohol tortured a kitten in front of a military lodgment in Erzincan.

The soldier, 25, who remains anonymous, kicked and punched the kitten a number of times. Surveillance cameras mounted on the building recorded the horrid moments.

Following the denunciation, police captured the suspect and detected him to be under the influence of alcohol. 

The soldier gave his testimony to the prosecutor’s office, saying he had recently broken up with his girlfriend four days before the incident and therefore had been in a bad psychological state.

He also said he loved animals and was looking after one, adding that he was under the influence of alcohol when the incident took place and expressed regret for what he had done.

The soldier was turned in to the military police as he had been on mandatory military duty.

Meanwhile, a number of locals gathered in front of the military lodgment to protest the incident. The crowd chanted, demanding punishment for the soldier.

Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu made a statement via his official Twitter account following the incident.

“I will investigate the incident immediately. Forensic and administrative investigations have started,” said Soylu.

Erzincan Governor Ali Arslantaş released a statement saying the required investigation into the incident and the soldier had been started.

“The necessary judicial and administrative process has been initiated for the perpetrator of the incident that led to public outcry,” the statement said.

Arslantaş also said that under normal conditions, the soldier had three days left of his mandatory military duty before he would have been discharged.